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Independent Feast of Tabernacles Site:
"Polson Montana":
Posted 2020/01/09 at 06:30:

This Year's Temple Lunar Calendar has the 2020 Feast of Tabernacles on Sabbath October 3.
If you need more information please call:
     406-883-0801 and talk to Beverly

If you need, Beverly can help in searching for a place for you to stay.
What Does It Mean To Be At An "Independent Feast Site"?

After coordinating 23 Independent Feast of Tabernacles Sites, it can be stated emphatically that:
"Independent Feast Sites are very different, and much better".

Typically, Feast Sites are attended by saints having the same doctrines and ideas about the future. They only get to hear themselves talk. However, Independent Feast Sites are attended by those having differing doctrines and ideas about the future. At an Independent Feast Site, you know that you will be fellowshipping with saints that have different doctrines and ideas of the future.

For those saints wanting a chance to really grow, an Independent Feast Site offers a grand opportunity, and a very fertile field.

At an Independent Feast Site, you will understand why you need to discuss differing doctrines from the point of view of "Information Exchange, and Educational Process". At an Independent Feast Site, you will learn that even they, those you do not agree with, have the same end goal as yourself, and a deep passion for worshipping YHWH and Yahoshua (in Aramaic, in Greek 'Ieesous', in English 'Jesus'). The real difference between you is only a matter of education.

We can all rejoice together, and worship YHWH and Yahoshua for eight days at the same Feast Site, even with doctrinal differences. When you accomplish this level of fellowship, you will have grown and matured significantly, for the rest of your life.

Of the Head and Of the Heart
In John 4:24 we are told to worship The Father "in spirit" and "in truth". In the Greek, these words are better translated as 'In Spirit-fullness' and 'In Truth-fullness'. Doctrines (Truth-fullness) are only half of our worship. The other half (Spirit-fullness) is about the heart. Learning how to live a loving and gracious life-style, even when we do not agree. This is all about what we have become so far, as self-aware individuals, having our own conscience, personality, and character.

2-Peter 3:18 tells us to grow "in grace and knowledge". In the Greek, these words are better translated as grow 'in graciousness' and 'knowledge-ness' (wisdom). "In graciousness" means that we are to daily increase our ability to show others graciousness, even in bad situations. "In wisdom" means that we are to daily increase our understanding of the Text, and show wisdom in the teachings of YHWH and Yahoshua.

To do these things, we must be studying the scriptures, and learning how to apply their principles in our daily lives. Each of us needs to be eager to seek out the truth, both in searching out the scriptures, and in our own personality and character development.

Our worship and life-style is about both: what is in our head (understanding) and what is in our heart (loving graciousness and caring to others).

Welcome, to an Independent Feast of Tabernacles Site!

Feast Presentation: "Moving, But In What Direction"

Feast Presentation: "Image of God"


"The Beast With Seven Heads and You":
Posted 2017/02/24 at 10:40:

Many are preparing for the upcoming 2020 Feast of Unleavened Bread, Pentecost, and Tabernacles celebrations.

To see a list of 'YHWH Is 1' celebration sites, please go to the Newsletter Webpage.

If you would like to Post an Announcement here, please contact us.

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Making The Right Choices

You can make a difference, but to do so you have to do something.


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