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Community Administration

Community Administration
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Living By Both Covenants

"Community Administration", Page 1:
1-Corinthians 12 tells us there will be differences in Administration, so let it happen.
Yahowah IS 1: "One God" Means the Creator YHWH is a Singular Being, One Person having One Intellect, The only Elohim of Israel, The Father, who resurrected 'the Yahoshua', the promised Messiah.
WE OBSERVE: that the Body of the Messiah is extremely fragmented into hundreds of groups. There are "Churches of God", "Messianic Groups", "Congregations of YHWH", and many others.

Is it really differing Doctrines which fragment the Body of the Messiah?

Is there anyone thinking about These Things?
Is there anyone thinking about Why Splits Happen So Often?
Is there anyone thinking about Why Their Group Has Such Problems?
Is there anyone thinking about trying to form Group Cooperations?
Is there anyone thinking about forming End Time Communities?

If "YES", then you absolutely need to read this paper.
Two Tassels Ministry is committed to helping
the End Time Communities of YandY.

Read this paper to understand the mindset behind Communities!

If you are wondering why "Corporate versus Independent Thinking" is placed under this topic, it is because the understanding of this difference is the foundation for a nurturing Community Administration.

(PDF, 9 pages)


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Banded together we will make a much bigger difference. You can make a difference,
but to do so you have to do something.


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