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'Yahowah IS 1' Community, Essential Beliefs

The 'Yahowah IS 1' Community
Essential Understandings and Beliefs

Living By Both Covenants

"Essential Understandings and Beliefs":
Yaho-wah and Yaho-shua
Know Who Their Saints Are,
Those In Their Spiritual Body of
Called Out Ones

Yahowah IS 1: "One God" Means the Creator YHWH is a Singular Being, One Person having One Intellect, The only Elohim of Israel, The Father, who resurrected 'the Yahoshua', the promised Messiah.
There has to be some core-doctrines. Otherwise "anyone" can join.
What are the core-doctrines of The 'Yahowah IS 1' Community?
These are the core teachings and understandings of the 'Yahowah IS 1' Community
The intent is to list only the smallest minimal core.

It is important to understand why.
For the explanation of why this "minimal list" concept is best, read
Corporate versus Independent Thinking   (8 Pages)

First, We Understand This
It seems everyone is very keen to judge the worthiness of a Group, solely by scrutinizing their beliefs. When the Group is judged as being errant in "anything", then they are summarily declared to be inferior, not nearly as righteous as they should be, and then treated as infidels.

We observe far too many times, how too many of the Saints are arrogantly shunned, and are kept from attending services, solely because they happen to have some differing belief about "something". Instead of showing love, concern, and graciousness towards the "more ignorant Saints", they are instead scorned, chastised, disinvited, and condemned. It seems that so many are so adamant about "their own doctrines" that they lose sight of the commandment to love one another (John 13:34). Instead they adamantly refuse to fellowship with any Saints which do not agree with them.
Such behavior is wrong (1-John 4:18), and will be avoided by the 'Yahowah Is 1' Community.

Our worship and service is not just about what we know as doctrines. Our worship and service is far more in-depth than just head-knowledge. Our worship and service includes the heart as well.

In John 4:24 we are told to worship The Father "in spirit" and "in truth". In the Greek, these words are better translated as 'In Spirit-fullness' and 'In Truth-fullness'. Doctrines (Truth-fullness) are only half of our worship. The other half (Spirit-fullness) is about learning how to live a loving and gracious life-style in both covenants. It is about what we have become so far, as self-aware individuals, having our own conscience, personality, and character.

2-Peter 3:18 tells us to grow "in grace and knowledge". In the Greek, these words are better translated as grow 'in graciousness' and 'wisdom (knowledge-ness)'. This means that we are to daily increase our ability to show others graciousness in bad situations. This means that we are to daily increase our understanding and wisdom in the ways of Yahowah and Yahoshua (in Aramaic, in Greek 'Ieesous', in English 'Jesus'). To do these things we must be studying the scriptures, and learning how to apply their principles in our daily lives and Community. Each of us must be eager to seek out the truth, both in searching out the scriptures, and in our own personality and character development.

Our worship and service is about both: what is in our head (understanding) and what is in our heart (loving graciousness and mercy).

Second, We Understand This
Doctrines are formed and taught based upon which Bible is being used. Christianity is the only major religion in the world that allows its members to learn its religious tenets without having to read them in the original language. The Koran is written in Arabic, the Jews read the Hebrew Text, and the Hindus read their text in Sanskrit. Only the Christians do not learn their doctrinal tenets by studying them for themselves directly from the Hebrew/Aramaic and Greek Texts.

What this means is that those who do not study from the original languages are letting other people, other men, tell them what the Text says. When you do this, you will be led down the Doctrinal path that those men want you to go. As long as you read from their Bibles, and read from their Commentaries, you are going to be led down the path of believing their Doctrines. This fact is not a matter of what the Text says; this is a matter of what the hired translators tell you the Text says.

Which Bible Version is being used is the fundamental reason why it is so difficult to debate the scriptures. For examples: Christians using the King James Version will be biased towards the 1611 mindset of English thinking and orthodox theology. Christians using a version created by Trinitarians will read a translation biased towards the Trinitarian view of God. Christians using a version created by translators believing in "Pauline Theology" will be led to think that Paul is "doing away with the Law", because that is what their Bible Version tells them.

Understand the seriousness of this:
The original Hebrew and Greek Text have no commas, no periods, no verse numbers, and no chapter numbers. In fact there are not even 'between-the-words' spaces. But yet, we rely implicitly upon the insertion of commas and periods to tell us how to interpret the Text. These insertions are not part of the Bible! Many inserted commas and periods are printed to give you the publisher’s own interpretations of the Text. Even the words printed are in fact those words chosen by the publishers to ensure that you read the verses as they want you to read them. Thus, you are reading the orthodox catechism of the publishers, ensuring that you believe the dogmas that the publishers want you to believe. You are not really reading "The Bible". You are reading a biased catechism, and you are being led to believe things solely because that is what the publisher's Bible Version Catechism tells you to believe.
See a Typical Example of Biased Translating

It is not YHWH (Yahowah) that makes this confusion. YHWH warns us about the scribes who write errors that are a lie (Jeremiah 8:8). We are to believe YHWH's Text, not men's text.

For these reasons the 'Yahowah IS 1' Community will always debate Doctrines based on the original Hebrew/Aramaic and Greek Texts.

Doctrines need to be viewed as: "This is what I know today". We are to grow in graciousness and knowledge, so we can never assume we know it all now. We should expect that some of our understandings will be modified as we study deeper.

We recommend using an Interlinear Hebrew/Greek Bible with Grammar, and Lexicons, which are found online for free. When reading the English, when a word seems to be important, then look it up in the Lexicon and Grammar helps. In all Community research, debates, and teachings; the question is: "How might an honest seeker of truth translate the Text?"

No doubt there will be differences in interpretation between the truth seekers. This is to be expected. Honest disagreements about "the details" are not a problem. Debating the details, and thinking about the different ways to interpret the Text, should be fun. The 'Yahowah IS 1' Community intends for Bible Studies and information exchanges to always be fun.

Third, We Understand This
Essentially the 'Yahowah IS 1' Community deems every Saint to be growing in maturity, graciousness, knowledge, and wisdom. We understand that there will be differences in the level of maturity, graciousness, knowledge, and wisdom between individuals, so we expect it. It is the individual Saint himself, alone, which will stand in front of their Creator at Judgment. Much of this Judgment will be based on what we know, which requires education.

Education is the process of giving another person enough believed information that they become convinced to change from one opinion to another. If "the truth" is not presented in such a way that it can be both understood and believed, then it is not their fault that they are unconvinced.

Even the Truth, if presented poorly, cannot be understood
and conversely
Even the Truth, even if presented well, cannot be understood without the eager desire to seek out the truth.

Ultimately, each Saint is responsible for their own self-determination. Therefore, we want to allow each Saint to choose for themselves in those matters that are "under debate", or which are a matter of "preference" (differences in Administration).

The 'Yahowah IS 1' Community will make every effort to uphold a Saint's unique self-determination, and encourage them to follow their own conscience in such matters.

Fourth, We Understand This
The authority for accepting or rejecting New Covenant doctrinal ideas and interpretations is the Hebrew/Aramaic Text of YHWH, from Genesis on through Malachi. Men make speeches and write papers asserting various ideas and interpretations about the New Covenant Greek Text. But our judging the merits of men's ideas and interpretations is based on their conformity to the Hebrew/Aramaic scriptures of YHWH.

The New Covenant is prophesied in Jeremiah 31:31-34. It is the Refreshing and Enhancing of the Original Covenant of the Exodus with Israel. The New Covenant is what was there before, plus some new administrations, gifts, promises, and cleanliness through the Melchizedek Priesthood.

For example: millions assert that Paul's writings teach that the Hebrew/Aramaic Text and Laws (Torah/Teachings) of YHWH are "fulfilled and done away". We do not agree. When we read Paul's writings, keeping the same context in which Paul was writing, we perceive no such conclusion. However, the core understanding being expressed here, is that: if it is true that Paul's writings do teach that the Saints are no longer to respect the Laws (Torah/Teachings/Principles) of YHWH, then it is Paul that is to be rejected, not the Hebrew/Aramaic Text.

That is, Paul was just a man. Paul had no authority to rewrite the Hebrew/Aramaic Text of YHWH, or to dismiss the Laws and Teachings of YHWH. Not Paul, not us, not any man. No man has such authority. We do not listen to men. We listen to YHWH and His firstborn exalted Son Yahoshua. In Matthew 5:17-20 the Greek Text is written as emphatic. The Messiah Yahoshua says: "Do not think that I have come to annul the law or the prophets..." In the Hebrew version, the Hebrew Matthew Shem Tov, Yahoshua's statement is even more emphatic. Not even one stroke of the Torah or prophets is ever dropped.

Therefore, if it be true that Paul taught what people say he taught, then Paul is to be rejected as a Deuteronomy 13 heretic, and his teachings are to be discarded, not the teachings of YHWH.
But again, we do not agree that Paul taught what people say he taught, 2-Peter 3:15-18.

Fifth, We Understand This
Salvation is not obtained by Fighting about Doctrines.
Read this "From the Heart" Open Letter: "The View From Where I Sit"   (2 pages)
Read More, Interpreting Verses   (4 pages)
Read More, What About Doctrines?   (Web Page)
Read More, The Laws Are Not Done Away   (6 pages)
Read More, Grammatical Translation of Matthew 5:18   (Web Page)

Sixth, We Understand This
The entire world is swimming in overwhelming religious confusion and misinformation. We have all been told to believe lies since we were three years old.

This being the case, from the point of view of YHWH/YHVH, it may not matter nearly as much what doctrines you know, but rather how well you live with others. YHWH/YHVH is looking at your heart. He can teach you the true doctrines, later.

As a person, are you living a life of integrity and selflessness?
As a person, what really matters is who you pray to and worship.

When you talk to "God", exactly who are you talking to?
Are you talking to Buddha, Zeus, Isis, Osiris, the Sun, the cosmic intelligence?
How are you making your connection to "God"?
Are you talking to "God" through a Priest, through Mary, through a Saint, through a Medium, through a Spiritual Guide?

Consider your own answer carefully:
When You Pray,
In Your Mind’s Eye,
Who Do You Pray To

You should be talking to YHWH/YHVH, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel),
through His resurrected and exalted Melchizedek High Priest Yahoshua (Jesus)

"Hearing and Doing"
Is the daily pursuit towards our Internalization of all
the Teachings of Yahowah and His Son Yahoshua
(in both Covenants).

Our Core-Doctrines

(the smallest core set a Community can live by)

ONE: You must understand and agree that the Hebrew/Aramaic Text entity written as "YHWH" (or 'YHVH' in German, 'Yahowah' in Aramaic) is the Creator of heaven and earth, and all life.

Further, you understand and agree that YHWH (Yahowah) is the Elohim (God) of Abraham, the Elohim (God) of Isaac, and the Elohim (God) of Jacob, (Exodus 3:15 in the Hebrew, His Name and Title forever). It is YHWH who is the only Elohim (God) of Israel. This means that you will not worship any other Elohim as God. You will only worship YHWH/YHVH (Yahowah/Yahovah) as your only God (Elohim).

Period, there is no more being said.

YandY have elected to leave many of the details about the 'this and 'that' of YHWH "under debate". When we pray, each of us has a little image of what YHWH looks like in our own minds. But no one should expect anyone else to envision YHWH's image exactly as they do? Therefore, each Community Member has the free moral agency right to understand "the details" about YHWH differently, to the level YandY allow them to understand at this time.

TWO: You must understand and agree that the Greek Text entity written as "Ieesous (in Greek, in Aramaic 'Yahoshua', in English 'Jesus')" is The Father's Only Begotten Son, who (as Yahoshua Himself) is the resurrected promised Messiah (the 'anointed one', English 'Christ'), who (as The Father's Only Begotten Son) was killed, but then was resurrected, and who is now alive, sitting at the right hand of The Father, and who has been given all jurisdiction and authority in heaven and on earth.

Further, you understand and agree that Yahoshua's, death (crucifixion), resurrection, and exaltation is the foundation of the Jeremiah 31:33 (Refreshed and Enhanced) New Covenant contract between the House of Israel and YHWH (Yahowah).
The New Covenant is based Upon This Rock (3 pages)

Further, you understand and agree that Yahoshua is the second Prophet prophesied by Moses (Deuteronomy 18:18), and is the Promised Messiah, and is acting as the second Adam, undoing the consequences of the sins of Adam and Eve.

Further, you understand and agree that the consequence of eternal death for sin, is only released through the doorway forged by the resurrected and exalted Yahoshua the Messiah, who is The Father's Only Begotten Son.

Further, you understand and agree that we are to worship and pray to "The Father" through the resurrected and exalted Yahoshua the Messiah, as our Mediator and our High Priest of the Melchizedek Priesthood, (Hebrews 7:11-17).

Period, there is no more being said.

YandY have elected to leave many of the details about the 'this and 'that' of Yahoshua "under debate". The 'Yahowah IS 1' Community will encourage free discussions and debates regarding the "Nature of the Godhead", and the "Divinity of Jesus". Just as YandY were working with some of us even while keeping Sunday, we allow that YandY are also working with others even while having very different levels of understanding in "the Godhead debates". Therefore, each Community Member has the free moral agency right to understand "the details" about Yahoshua (Jesus) differently, to the level YandY allow them to understand at this time. The best any of us can say is: "This is what I know today."

No Doubt You Will Observe
The 'Yahowah IS 1' Community website presents that only YHWH/YHVH is "God"; that Yahoshua (English 'Jesus') is "The ONLY BEGOTTEN Son of YHWH/YHVH"; begotten as a 2nd Entity, as a separate created human being, and that Yahoshua is NOT YHWH/YHVH".

There is only '1' YHWH (Deuteronomy 6:4 in the Hebrew Text), the only Elohim/God of Israel.
Yahoshua (Jesus) is alive, living in heaven as the first resurrected and glorified man (the second Adam).
Yahoshua is "The Only Begotten Son" of YHWH.
Yahoshua is The Promised Messiah, who is now exalted above all men and all angels.

YHWH and Yahoshua are NOT two "Gods", nor do they form a Trinity, nor a Binity (John 20:17, Ephesians 1:17-22).
It is YHWH who raised Yahoshua from the dead (Acts 3:13-15), and it is this very same man (Yahoshua) who is now sitting at YHWH's right hand in heaven! "Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved" (Acts 4:12).

We approach and pray to the ONLY God YHWH, through His Melchizedek High Priest, YHWH's Only Begotten Son, the resurrected and exalted Yahoshua (in Aramaic, in English 'Jesus', in Greek 'Ieesous - Ιησους', equivalent to the Hebrew יהושע 'Joshua').

If you disagree, and do not understand "things" this way, then we hope that you will allow us to present to you our best arguments in favor of our understanding. You may then choose to agree or disagree with our understanding.
Read Our Understanding

At this time we are not "PRESSING" our understanding of the "Godhead". Why? It appears that YHWH and Yahoshua are not making this "Godhead Debate" an issue, as YHWH and Yahoshua are working with many people, having very different understandings. So then, neither will we "PRESS" our understanding either.

THREE: You must understand and agree that individuals are to at least try to keep the Torah Laws (Teachings and Principles) of YHWH (Yahowah) found in the Ten Commandments, and the other instructions of the Hebrew/Aramaic and Greek Texts. Of course, many cultural and physical realities are no longer in place, so that we cannot keep everything as 'verbatim'. Even so, Groups and individuals are to be found engaged in a lifestyle which includes the keeping of the weekly Sabbath, and the annual Holy Days (Leviticus 23). This core-doctrine is to be understood using Deuteronomy chapter 13 as the foundational precept.

Further, you understand and agree that the New Covenant Saints are to keep the Torah Laws (Teachings and Principles) regarding the not eating of the unclean foods (Leviticus 11).
This statement is separately itemized because of the controversy and debates regarding its application in the New (Refreshed and Enhanced) Covenant. It is included as a core-doctrine, and not just a generalized "most Saints agree" statement, because throughout history one of the primary separating tenets of worshipping YHWH (instead of any of the other Elohims/gods) is that YHWH's followers do not eat the unclean foods. For an example of this history:
Read "Historical Evidence of the Early Christian Church's Very First Split" (2 pages).

In the New Covenant Text Paul provides many examples of telling the Saints to stay away from physical defilements. For example, Saints become defiled by having sex with prostitutes at the pagan temples. The concept of the New Covenant Saints needing to stay away from physical defilements, and to live holy lives as YHWH is Holy, is still part of our New Covenant lifestyle (2-Corinthians 6:15-7:1, 1-Peter 1:14-17, 21-23).

The other reason: Leviticus 10:10 and 11:44 provide a context to these Laws which many forget to bring up. The context is that these Laws are obeyed to teach us to do something. That "something" is to learn how to make a distinction and a difference between that which is holy and clean, in contrast to that which is unholy and defiling. The foods we choose to eat are more than just a debate about defilements. It is also our understanding that by watching what we eat, we are learning how to tell the difference between the holy and the unholy lifestyle.

This core-doctrine is required in order to make a distinction between us and the Catholic/Protestant concepts of: "The Law and Old Testament Are Done Away", and "We Worship Jesus, not the harsh God of the Old Testament".

This core-doctrine is also required in order to make a clear distinction between us who practice the "Specific Laws" of YHWH, and avoid doing the "Specific Laws" of the Great Dragon. For an explanation of this:
Preview the Book 'The Beast with Seven Heads and You'.

FOUR: You must understand and agree that individuals are to at least try to rid themselves of their carnal nature, and are to at least try to grow in graciousness towards others, and in the wisdom of YandY. Groups and individuals are to be found engaged in a lifestyle which includes the New Covenant concepts of patience, self-control, moderation, soberness, graciousness, mercy, and selflessness. This core-doctrine is to be understood using 1-Corinthians 3:3, Colossians 3, 2-Peter 3:18, and Galatians 5:22-23 as the foundational precepts.

This core-doctrine is required in order to make a distinction between us and the world's carnal concepts of: "Me and Now", "Revelry", "Drunkenness", "Retaliation", and "Get".

FIVE: You must understand and agree that individuals do not have an immortal soul (Egyptian 'Ba' and 'Akh'), but rather individuals die, are then without intellect, no longer aware of anything, and require a resurrection back into life again before regaining any awareness and intellect.

This core-doctrine is required in order to make a distinction between us and the religion behind Freemasonry, and the world's religion's concepts regarding "the immortality of the soul", which is "The Lie" of the Great Dragon.

SIX: You must understand and agree that everyone who has died will be brought back to life again for Judgment, so that Justice may be administered by YandY, for both the good deeds and for the bad deeds they did. Both rewards for good deeds and punishments for bad deeds will be administered, and restitutions made to those that were hurt, so that final Justice will prevail.

Further, you understand and agree that "The Great Judge" making all of these determinations is YHWH, or some combination of YHWH and His Son Yahoshua the exalted Messiah.

This core-doctrine is required in order to make a distinction between us and the world's concepts of: "There is No Judgment", "We are Judged Good or Bad by Our Church Priests", and "Everyone Receives the Same Reward".

SEVEN: You must understand and agree that YHWH has told us to not participate in certain "demonic" practices. For example, the practice of "witchcraft", "divination", "channeling", and "inquiring of the dead" are forbidden. This core-doctrine is to be understood using Deuteronomy 18:10-14 as the foundational precept. Just as a parent tells their child not to touch the hot stove, we as little children should admit that we probably do not understand all of the reasons why YHWH (Yahowah) insists that we stay away from "these hot things". We agree to just not touch these "hot things".

EIGHT: You must understand and agree that Yahoshua will come back in power, this time to defeat His enemies, to establish an everlasting Kingdom "of God" in Jerusalem, with Israel restored back into the land promised to Abraham.

This core-doctrine is required in order to make a distinction between us and the Catholic/Protestant concepts of: "Israel is Rejected", "The Physical Universe Is Destroyed", and "The Saved Live Up In Heaven".

NINE: You must understand and agree that you, yourself, are to at least try to love the others in the Community. No Group or Community can hold together without its members having a genuine commitment, and a deep concern for each other. The Community should be seen to be engaged in living loving and gracious life-styles, as each helps the others in daily concerns. The self must be willing to deny itself, in order to provide and ensure the physical and spiritual wellbeing of the others. Each person should strive to be
Caring, Selfless, Cooperative, Gracious, Humble, and Committed.
Loving each other is not just a feeling. Love is the selfless commitment to provide service, protection, and nourishment to the others in the community, day by day.

There is more:
Communities are not held together only by doctrine. Communities are held together by emotion, fellowship, and integrity. Communities are held together by the "from the heart concern" for the whole, and those within it. To the men:  you are committed to protecting the other family’s back, and their front. When the other family needs something done, you are there to help do it, ideally that very day. To the women:  you are committed to helping with the nurturing of the other family’s wellbeing. When the other family needs help, you are there to help, ideally that very day.

This level of commitment can only be accomplished with daily, at least often, direct contact. In order to live loving and gracious life-styles, each must be telling the others what is going on in their family; so that each can offer help, and receive help; so that each can have the opportunity to demonstrate themselves to be living a loving and gracious life-style. In this way the Community is held together, with each individual being able to thrive.

For People Having Integrity (P.H.I.) - Φ , living in such a Community will be a wonderful delight.

With these few understandings and core-doctrines, most leaders in the Sabbath Keeping Groups of YandY will have little difficulty in being able to effectively lecture, write doctrinal presentations, and give Bible Studies to the members of the 'Yahowah IS 1' Community.

All other doctrines and issues are left as "Educational Details". If someone does not have a good understanding of something, then do not chastise them, but educate them. Such "Educational Details" are best administered by those interested enough to help others by developing their "best arguments", and then engage in honest Biblical "give and take" interactions.



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Please Use an Interlinear Hebrew/Greek Bible and Lexicons
For the important scriptures, examine the grammar and look up the original words in a Lexicon.
Do this, and you will be stunned how many times the English Bibles disregard the grammar. By disregarding the grammar they change the meaning of the words, and by doing this they change the meaning of the sentences.

What Do You Need To Study the Bible From the Original Texts?

• Hebrew and Greek Interlinear Bible (buy a book):
• Online Hebrew and Greek Interlinears:
Hebrew/Greek Septuagint/Hebrew/Greek Hebrew/Greek 2nd

• Online Searching with Grammar and Lexicon Helps:
Search for All Occurrences Lexicon and Concordance Greek Grammar Explanations

When reading the Interlinear's English, when a word seems to be important, then look it up in the Lexicon and Grammar helps. You are not a Hebrew or Greek expert, so let the Lexicons and Grammar helps be the experts for you. Do this, and you will see for yourself how often the English translators disregard the original Text to promote their own doctrines. You will be aghast at the number of times they blatantly insert additional words, completely ignore the grammar, and choose their own wording just to slant the reader's understanding. However, your own understanding of the original Scriptures will be greatly enhanced!
See a Typical Example of Biased Translating


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