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Creation and Calendar

Papers On 'Creation and Calendar'
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Educational Papers On "Creation and Calendar", Page 1:

Yahowah IS 1: "One God" Means the Creator YHWH is a Singular Being, One Person having One Intellect, The only Elohim of Israel, The Father, who resurrected 'the Yahoshua', the promised Messiah.
• A Summary of The Calendar Wars
Four Rabbis were constantly arguing about which Calendar to use. They argued, and they argued. This went on and on and on for years. Finally, three of the four Rabbis started to agree with each other. Then they told the fourth Rabbi that he had to yield to them, as it was now three-to-one, and he was out voted.

But the fourth Rabbi knew that he was right. He would not yield. Finally, in desperation he cried out to God for a sign, so that the other three would know that he was right.

He looked up to heaven and shouted: "God, give them a sign!"

Suddenly, out of a clear summer sky it started to hail. In a gleeful cheer the desperate Rabbi proclaimed to the others that they had to see now that he was right.

Not so, said the other three. They explained that it was just a fluke of nature. It rains in the summer, so it can also hail in the summer.

Completely frustrated now, the out voted Rabbi cried out again: "God, give them a better sign!"

Suddenly, a mountain moved right in front of them. Then it started to spew out molten lava in four directions. The heat and steam from the lava blasted against their faces. Then, the lava stopped flowing.

Quivering in terror, but still able to speak, the fourth Rabbi said: "Surely you can see now that I am right?"

Not so, said the other three. They explained that this was also just another fluke of nature. The earth was just letting off some steam.

Then, before the fourth Rabbi could say anything more, the sky above them completely darkened. Suddenly, a very loud and commanding voice shouted out from the clouds: "He is right!"

At this the three Rabbis, looking somewhat overwhelmed, conceded.

"Okay!", one Rabbi said.
"But so what?", said another.
The third said: "It is still three-to-two."
By Which Authority Are You Making a Decision?
 The Observed Lunar Calendar in Brief
Contrary to the "Calendar Experts" of many Groups, the Lunar Calendar used by the priest-authorities operating the Second Temple is well documented, it is known with certainty, and anyone can verify this by reading the historical documentation. The Observed Lunar Calendar is not an accident, nor has it changed since Enoch before the flood, and Samaria (circa BC 2180) after the flood.
The Observed Lunar Calendar
in Brief with Links

(PDF 6 Pages)
 The Ancient Jewish and Babylonian Calendar Was The Exact Same Calendar
Modern research in 1990 verifies that the Observed Lunar Calendar, used by the priests of the Jerusalem Temple, was a regional calendar, from Babylon to Jerusalem to Egypt, wherein all official documents were dated using the same calendar rules.

"Studies Relating to Jewish Contracts with Persian Culture Throughout the Ages", Jerusalem 1990. "The Calendar of Aramaic Texts from Achaemenid and Ptolemaic Egypt", Bezalel Porten.
"After analysis of all double-dated textual discoveries made up to 1990,
the Babylonian and Jewish Calendar dates were identical,
and both matched the Egyptian Calendar dates

[Begin Quote, Page 31-32]
"Our chronological investigation leads to the following conclusions:
. . .
2. The Babylonian and Egyptian calendars were synchronously observed between the years [BC] 473 and 402, both in private contracts and stone inscriptions from Elephantine [the fully functional Jewish Temple in Egypt] and bureaucratic records from Memphis (AG) and elsewhere (C72). The Babylonian date regularly appeared first.
. . .
4. The Egyptian calendar was regularly used in the dating of private letters (Padua 1, C37, 42, K13) and accounts (C22, 63, 68, Ahiqar palimpsest), all but one (Ahiqar palimpsest) stemming from the end of the fifth century, and appears on an isolated tax receipt from the middle of the third century (Spiegelberg ostracon).

The Babylonian calendar was regularly used in the dating of official letters and stone inscriptions, also stemming from the last quarter of the fifth century (C17, 21, 26, 30, 31; Ashmolean), and is found in a Ptolemaic record of accounts (Papyrus Levi Della Vida).
. . .
9. There is no evidence for a Jewish calendar at Elephantine as distinct from the Babylonian calendar."
[End Quote]

There is no historical evidence that the Jewish Temple or Jewish Communities used a different Lunar Calendar, than what is today generally called "The Babylonian Calendar". The "Babylonian Calendar" and "The Jewish Calendar" are one and the same Calendar, because it was the same few academy graduated scholars which knew the tightly guarded secret science of how to determine the monthly and yearly Lunar Cycles.

This means that all of the thousands of artifacts giving astronomical sun, moon, and planet tables, using (what is generally called) Babylonian Calendar dates, are also direct evidence for the ancient Jewish Temple Calendar's "rules" too.
Jewish Contracts with Persian Culture
(External PDF)
 The Second Temple Era Lunar Calendar:
Reconstructed From Ancient Astronomical Sightings and Eye Witness Historical Records
Contrary to the "Calendar Experts" of many Groups, the Lunar Calendar used by the priest-authorities operating the Second Temple is well documented, it is known with certainty, and anyone can verify this by reading the historical documentation.

Diving deep into "The Historical Records", there are scores of eye witness documentation and astronomical observations, which tell us today exactly how the priests of the Second Temple determined their official calendar, which they used to declare the Holy Days and Temple duties of YHWH.

Here is just one example of such documentation:
Below is historical evidence that the first lunar month must begin after the spring equinox when the sun is in the first zodiac-sign. The lunar year is not based on only looking at the moon, nor on a ripening barley harvest, nor on "just so long as Passover is in spring". The "Observed Calendar of the Second Temple" was based on the sun, and the moon, and the Zodiac.

This evidence shows that the same calendar method was used at the time of this documentation, circa AD 320, back through the time of Christ circa AD 30, back to at least circa BC 220 when the Septuagint was translated. This means that the same "Lunar Calendar" was used for at least 28 generations, and was the calendar used at the time of the Messiah's Passover prophecy fulfillment.

This evidence leaves no doubt which calendar was used for the Temple's Holy Days, nor which calendar Yahoshua and the early Church used. Also notice that this evidence tells us that the Church was still keeping the Passover Festival and Unleavened Bread, on the exact same day as the Jewish Community calculated, as late as AD 320.

In Contrast: the Hillel II Calendar allows the first month to begin while the sun is still in the winter zodiac-sign. Notice the forceful criticism of such a practice as being "an extraordinary mistake". The ancient Lunar Calendar never allowed Abib/Nisan to begin while the sun was still in winter.

(Penguin Books)
"Eusebius: The History of the Church From Christ to Constantine"
Circa AD 280 the mathematician Anatolius of Alexander is condemning the proposed lunar calendar changes, which allowed the lunar year to begin in winter. The quote below is "FROM THE CANONS OF ANATOLIUS ON THE EASTER FESTIVAL", pages 252-253:
[Begin Quote]
"On this day the sun is found not only to have reached the first sign of the Zodiac, but to be already passing through the fourth day within it.

This sign is generally known as the first of the twelve, the equinoctial sign, the beginning of months, head of the cycle, and start of the planetary course. But the sign before that is the last of the months, the twelfth sign, last stage, and end of the planetary circuit. [Notice the sun's position within the Zodiac is part of the Lunar Calendar.]

For this reason I am convinced that those who place the first month in it [starting Abib/Nisan when the sun is still in winter], and fix the Paschal 'fourteenth day' accordingly, make a great and indeed an extraordinary mistake.

This is not my own suggestion: the Jews were aware of the fact long ago, even before Christ's time, and observed it carefully. [Notice the ancient Lunar Calendar followed the same rules, even before Christ.]

We can learn it from the statements of [citing a long tradition of experts who knew] Philo, Josephus, and Musacus, and not them only but still earlier writers, the two Agathobuli, famous as the teachers of Aristobulus the Great. He was one of the Seventy who translated the sacred and inspired Hebrew Scriptures for Ptolemy Philadelphus and his father; he also dedicated commentaries on the Mosaic Law to the same kings.

These authorities, in explaining the problems of the Exodus, state that the Passover ought invariably to be sacrificed after the spring equinox, at the middle of the first month; and that this occurs when the sun is passing through the first sign of the solar [Notice the 'this occurs' is the fixing of the lunar first month after the sun's position is past the solar equinox, then counting 14 days to Passover.], or as some of them call it, the zodiac cycle. [Note that only a lunar calendar can have both the sun and moon be in the Zodiac's first sign and also be on the 14th day (and with a full moon).]

Aristobulus adds that it is necessary at the Passover Festival that not only the sun but the moon as well should be passing through an equinoctial sign. There are two of these signs, one in spring, one in autumn, diametrically opposite each other, and the day of the Passover is assigned to the fourteenth of the month, after sunset; so the moon will occupy the position diametrically opposite the sun, as we can see when the moon is full: the sun will be in the sign of the spring equinox, the moon inevitably in that of the autumnal.

I am familiar with many other of their statements, in some cases probable, in others claimed as final proofs, by which they try to show that the festival of the Passover and Unleavened Bread ought always to be kept after the equinox [by context this is referring to those in error who allow a winter new year "just so long as Passover is in spring"]. But I decline to demand such a structure of proof from those from whom has been removed the veil on the Law of Moses; for them it remains now with face unveiled at all times to reflect like a mirror Christ and the life of Christ, His lessons and sufferings. But that the first month among the Hebrews is about the equinox, is clearly shown also by what is taught in the book of Enoch."
[The Sumerian Lunar Calendar circa BC 2180 also demonstrates this too.]
[End Quote]
Read it for yourself. (Website)
This link will take you to a huge amount of material. To really understasnd the ancient Lunar Calendar used by Israel, you need to read this material.

Historical Evidence of the 2nd Temple's Lunar Calendar
Topic by Topic: Focused Questions, Links, and Answers to Specific Calendar Topics, especially regarding the Hillel II "Jewish" Calendar. Topic by Topic
and Answers

(Web Page)
 The 7-Day Weekly Cycle Was Never Broken:
Here is historical evidence that the 7-Day Weekly Cycle, started at Creation, has never been broken. Circa BC 1400 YHWH used the manna to confirm His 7-Day Weekly Cycle to the Israelites. Since then, even the "pagans" around the world knew and followed the same 7-Day Weekly Cycle, as did Israel.


•   Pere Gaubil states positively that there were Jews in China during the fighting states period, i.e., 481-221 B.C. Lacouperie, Western Origin of Early Chinese Civilisation, pp. 9, 12.; Gordon, "World Healers," p. 54.
•   Eusebius mentions several of the ancient poets who attached a superior degree of sanctity to the seventh day.
•   Hesiod and Homer do so, and also Callimachus and Linus.
•   Porphyry says that the Phenicians dedicated one day in seven to their god Cronus (Adam appearing in Noah).
•   Aulus Gellius states that some of the heathen philosophers used to frequent the temples on the seventh day;
•   Lucian mentions the seventh day as a holiday.
•   The ancient Arabians observed a Sabbath before the era of Mohammed.
•   The mode of reckoning by "seven days," prevailed alike amongst the Indians, the Egyptians, the Celts, the Sclavonians, the Greeks and the Romans.

•   Josephus then makes no groundless statement when he says,
'there is not any city of the Grecians, nor any of the barbarians, nor any nation whatsoever, whither our custom of resting on the seventh day hath not come!'

•   Dion Cassius deduces this universal practice of computing by weeks from the Egyptians, but he should have said from the primitive ancestors of the Egyptians, who were equally the ancestors of all mankind.
•   Theophilus of Antioch states as a palpable fact, that the seventh day was everywhere considered sacred.
•   Philo (apud Grot. et Gale) declares the seventh day to be a festival, not of this or of that city, but of the universe. M'Clatchie, Notes and Queries on China and Japan (edited by Dennys), vol. 4, Nos. 7, 8, pp. 99, 100.

•   A Roman historian named Cassius Dio who wrote about Roman History, gives an account of Wars waged between Rome & Judea. In it he explains the capture of Jerusalem in 63 BC saying: "As it was, they made an exception of what are called the days of Saturn, and by doing no work at all on those days afforded the Romans an opportunity in this interval to batter down the wall. The latter, on learning of this superstitious awe of theirs, made no serious attempts the rest of the time, but on those days, when they came round in succession, assaulted most vigorously. Thus the defenders were captured on the day of Saturn, without making any defense, and all the wealth was plundered". Cassius wrote that the Romans who learned that the Jews rested on the Days of Saturn (Saturday which was known as Saturn's Day in Rome), attacked the Jerusalem stronghold on those days. These words also tally with the writings of Josephus, showing us that Saturn's Day in Rome coincided with the day kept as the Sabbath by the Jews, even in the 1st Century BC. Reference - Cassius Dio - Roman History 37.16.1-4 [A]

•   A Roman Soldier named Frontinus in his book named Strategems writes the account of the destruction of the 2nd temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD, saying: "The divine Vespasian attacked the Jews on the days of Saturn, on which it is forbidden for them to do anything serious, and prevailed." Similar to the words of the historian Cassius Dio, this Roman soldier equated the day of rest (Sabbath) of the Jews to the Day of Saturn (Saturday which was known as Saturn's Day in Rome). This account of Vespasian (also known as Titus) attacking Jerusalem on Sabbath days, tallies with the account seen in the Historical works of Josephus as well. Reference - Frontinus - The Stratagems 2.1.17. [B]

Notice that the Roman 7-day cycle and the Jewish 7-day cycle matched day-by-day. Even though some cultures also used other cycles, such as a 10-Day week, there are no historical examples of the 7-day cycle being disrupted or disregarded.

 The Enoch Calendar with Synchronization:
"The Book of Enoch" explains "The Enoch Calendar". The book itself explains its own yearly Solar-Synchronization.

"The Book of Enoch" also explains the "Observed Lunar Calendar", used by the Second Temple Priests. The "Observed Lunar Calendar" has its own "Morning and Evening" cycle. It uses the visual new crescent to begin the Lunar Months, and the spring equinox (the sun in the Fourth Portal is the First Month) to begin each new Lunar Year.

"The Enoch Calendar" has both the Solar and the Lunar Cycles in perfect synchronization with the equinoxes and solstices.
The Enoch Calendar with Synchronization
(PDF 4 Pages)
 Explaining the Jubilee Cycle Using Pictures:
Time has always been counted using circles. Just look at your wall clock and wrist watch. The Jubilee Cycle is exactly seven Sabbatical Years, which is 49 years. The Jubilee Year is always the first year of each Jubilee Cycle. Explaining the Jubilee Cycle Using Pictures
(PDF 6 Pages)
The Seventh Circle In Bible Prophecy:
For a Limited Time Only, read the Book "The Seventh Circle In Bible Prophecy" for Free, online.
Seventh Circle In Bible Prophecy

"Astronomy And The Prophetic Timelines Of The Bible"
As soon as the Creator ordained that the sun, moon, and stars should be used to mark the passing of time, the ancient science of Astronomy was born. Just as the study of Astronomy reveals the secrets of measuring the heavenly objects and the four seasons, so does this same mathematical order explain the roots of geometry and the counting of time using the Seventh Circle Method.

Imagine if it were discovered that the heavens revealed a mathematically ordered relationship that was directly tied to the prophecies in the Bible. Imagine if that relationship was so strong, that there could be no possibility of the relationship occurring by random chance. This fully referenced work documents that there is a direct relationship between the mathematical order found in the heavens and the prophecies in the Bible.

This relationship reveals why the numbers 7, 8, 49, and 50 are used throughout the Bible. It explains why circles have 360 degrees, why hours have 60 minutes, why the Hebrews used 1,080 parts per hour. It reveals how many years are in the Creator's 'Day', how many years are in an 'Age', the four 'Ages' of the Creator's plan, the riddles of Revelation's Little Scroll, the Mark of the Beast, the Second Advent, and their time scales.

All this and more are directly derived from the science of Astronomy and the Seventh Circle Method of counting time. This reference work is totally unique, and will be one of the most valued books in your library.
"The Seventh Circle In Bible Prophecy"
(PDF Book)
The Hebrew Word 'Yoom/Day' Has Multiple Meanings:
The ancient Hebrew concept of a "Day" [H3117] comes from "The Book of Enoch". Enoch used the word "Day" in two different ways. The Hebrew Text has Enoch's same dual meaning of the word "Day", plus the "Day" was also divided into Three-Parts.

Often Biblical Studies (such as on the Passover) become confused because the reader does not understand the multiple meanings of the Hebrew word "Yoom/Day".
The Hebrew 'Yoom/Day'
(PDF 4 Pages)
 The Observed Lunar Calendar of the Second Temple, Dates For 2021:
The historical documentation demonstrates that after circa BC 516 there was one official Lunar Calendar system used throughout the region of Asia Minor. This would be from India to Ethiopia. This same "Observed Lunar Calendar" is defined in "The Book of Enoch". This Lunar Calendar was taught by the ancient academies, and was used by their graduating scholars/scribes to record historical events and legal contracts throughout Asia Minor. The entire region used the same observed Lunar Calendar, as the only official calendar during the Second Temple Era.

Historical documents exist which demonstrate that this same observed Lunar Calendar [quoting them] "was kept scrupulously", all of the way up to at least circa AD 163. This Lunar Calendar was still argued as being the only valid calendar as late as AD 325. This Lunar Calendar was still argued as being the only valid calendar by the Karaite Jewish communities as late as AD 850, up to today. Only after circa AD 163 do we start to find documents which demonstrate a [quoting them] "rift" beginning between the academies of the east (Persia) and the Rabbinical Rabbis of the west.

Using the same rules of this simple observed Lunar Calendar, these are the important (calculated, not observed yet) dates for 2021.
Dates For 2021
 The Solar System Is A Witnesses To The Creator:
The five major planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn) each have their own unique orbit around the sun. Their orbits do not even follow the same plane, and each travels at a different speed. Even so, the time it takes each planet to circle once around the sun is a value that modern science has measured with incredible accuracy. Now, if we add their orbits together, what do we get?

A planet's sidereal cycle is the time it takes the planet to circle once around the sun, where the start and finish point is the same. If you simply add the time it takes each planet to make (7 times 7) 49 laps around the sun, you arrive at 2,160 years, which is one astronomical age.

This mathematical fact is far beyond the possibility of just being a result of "random chance".
Read the explanation.
Proof There Is A Creator
 The "Spring-Passover-Rule" Was Never Used In The Temple:
Today, many are told that the ancient calendars employed a "Spring-Passover-Rule" for determining the first month of the new year. This assertion is completely wrong.

The "Spring-Passover-Rule" states that it is "okay" to start the new year lunar month in the winter, just so long as the Passover (14th day of that month) is after the spring equinox.

However, all of the ancient astronomical records demonstrate that this often alleged "Spring-Passover-Rule" was never used by the official priests of the Jerusalem Temple. There own historical records show that they never allowed a new year's month to begin in winter, and that they always delayed a month, every single time.

Look at the historical records, listing every year having a "Close-Call".
Never Allowed Nisan In Winter
(PDF 10 Pages)
Analysis of every single year in which there was a "Close Call".
They would always delay a month, and added a "2nd 6th Month" or a "2nd 12th Month" to ensure keeping the Holy Days in their correct season. No exceptions, they delayed every single time! Look at the historical evidence:

There were exactly twenty (20) Close-Calls for the month Nisan, occurring in the years BC: 378, 381, 389, 397, 408, 416, 419, 427, 435, 438, 446, 454, 457, 465, 484, 495, 503, 511, 514, and 522. Not even once did they allow Nisan to begin before the spring equinox.

There were exactly thirteen (13) Close-Calls for the month Tishri, occurring in the years BC: 522, 503, 495, 484, 476, 465, 446, 427, 419, 408, 400, 389, and 381. Not even once did they allow Tishri to begin, unless its Tenth (10th) day was on or after the autumn equinox. Jubilee-Cycle years begin on Tishri 10, the Day of Atonement, not on Tishri 1.
Never Allowed 1st and 7th Months Out Of Season
(PDF 6 Pages)
 The Elephantine Double Dated Letters:
Comprehensive analysis of the Double Dated Elephantine Letters, demonstrates that the exact same Observed Lunar Calendar was used from Persia to Egypt, including the Temple Priests in Jerusalem. The Double Dated Letters
(PDF 11 Pages)
More documentation of the fully functional Temple in Elephantine, priests doing sacrifices to Yahowah for their local population. More About The Elephantine Temple of YHWH
(PDF, 3 pages)
 Example Of Doing Analysis Of An Artifact:
Comprehensive example of examining an ancinet astronomical sighting. Fully demonstrates that they really did keep the same Lunar Calendar as did the priests of the Second Temple. Example Of Doing Analysis
On Artifact 'VAT4956A'

(PDF, 3 pages)
Advanced Topics On Lunar Calendar Administration:
 Deep Analysis for New Crescent Administration: Allow Sightings Only From Jerusalem, or Allow Only Locally, or Allow Regionally, or Allow Globally?
Includes astronomical and mathematical analysis for options.
Whose Sightings
Are Allowed

(PDF, 13 pages)
 The Historical evidence against using barley to determine the Lunar Calendar's New Year. The evidence shows that prior to the Kariate movement circa AD 800, the barley harvest in Jerusalem was never used as an "Authority". Historical Evidence
Using Barley

(PDF, 7 pages)
Chronology Reconstructions:
Reconstruction of King Reigns, based on astronomical sightings and historical records. King Reigns
(PDF 9 Pages)
Month-by-Month reconstruction of the official Lunar Calendar, based on astronomical sightings and historical records. This is a complete reconstruction of the Second Temple Era's observed calendar, for the years BC 531 through BC 377. Month-by-Month Reconstruction From BC 531 to BC 377 BC
(PDF 70 Pages)
Show a Chart of the Chronology of Herod:
Using the Historical Records, a fully coordinated chart showing the significant events of both Herod and The Messiah, from BC 64 to AD 70.
Herod's time of death is known, because the historical records giving the data points indeed do align.
The Chronology of Herod
(Web Page)
Show The Last Two Jubilee Cycles:
Show the last two Jubilee Cycles, year by year. The Last Two Jubilee Cycles
(Web Page)
Revelation 12 Prophecy:
Revelation 12, An Alternative Interpretation. Revelation 12 Prophecy
Alternative Interpretation

(Web Page)


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