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Understand These First

Most Important Things To Understand First

Living By Both Covenants

"Understand These Things First":
Some Subjects Are Foundational
Yahowah IS 1: "One God" Means the Creator YHWH is a Singular Being, One Person having One Intellect, The only Elohim of Israel, The Father, who resurrected 'the Yahoshua', the promised Messiah.
There are just a few concepts that everyone needs to understand first.
We may all enjoy engaging in really fun debates about many Biblical topics, but these must be debated first.
Articles On Foundational Topics: "What You Need To Understand First"

 The First Most Important Things To Understand:
 Upon This Rock
Nearly everyone is taught to read Matthew 16:16-18 and believe that Yahoshua (Jesus) said He would build His Church on Peter, as "this Rock". But this interpretation is not correct. In the Greek Text, the Rock spoken of is not the man Peter, but is what Peter had just said. The fact that Yahoshua (Jesus) is "The Son of the living God". This certainty is the Rock upon which our faith is founded.
Upon This Rock
(PDF, 3 pages)
 The Reason For Living
Diving into the Text of 2-Timothy 2:19-26 demonstrates the purpose for living. It may be that we read and interpret the scriptures very differently, but there is one point which is foundational to all of us. There is much more to "Getting Salvation" than just living forever. Once you are given the gracious gift of salvation, what then? Are you bored silly for eons of time, doing nothing but playing a harp? "God" could have created cabbages to live forever. Instead, "God" created intelligent free thinking men and women, with instructions to manage His Garden. There is a core reason to live a life, and to learn how to obey the Teachings (Torah) of "God" after baptism. Day by day you are learning how to make right decisions, and righteous judgments, so that you can be a prized manager in the Garden Kingdom of "God".
The Reason For Living
(PDF, 4 pages)
 Salvation and Rewards
There is much more to getting Salvation than receiving Eternal Life. We are also Judged and Rewarded for both the Good and the Bad things that we do. We keep God's Law (Teachings - Torah) to learn to be Good decision-makers, and to receive good Rewards for our Good Deeds.
Salvation and Rewards
(PDF, 10 pages)
"You, In The Kingdom of God": - An Inspiring Visual Presentation Explaining The Reason for Living.

( This is a 6 minute YouTube Movie, and it is Well Worth Seeing )
YouTube Presentation
 The Second Most Important Things To Understand:
The "Law versus Grace" Issue Continues.
Can both sides be "right" and "wrong" at the same time?

The Melchizedek Priesthood is the answer!

We approach the very Throne of "God" by way of our Mediator and High Priest of the Melchizedek Priesthood, not by the Aaronic Priesthood.
Law Versus Grace
(PDF, clarified in 2 pages)
 Diving deep into the Greek Text of Matthew 5:17-20 demonstrates that these verses are mistranslated. The Messiah said NOT to even think that He would annul even one stroke of the Hebrew Text. In the Greek Text this is very emphatic!

Read what the Greek Text teaches.
The Laws Are Not
Done Away

(PDF, 6 pages)
 The Third Most Important Thing To Understand:
Diving into the Greek Text of Acts 15:21 demonstrates why Galatians had to be written. It has nothing to do with the Torah-of-YHWH (Aramaic 'Teachings-of-Yahowah') being changed. It has everything to do with Yahowah changing men, even the uncircumcised Gentiles, to be Clean, so that "God" can dwell in them.

The Melchizedek Priesthood is the answer!
This is a VERY Important Paper.
The End of Man's Uncleanliness
(PDF, 8 pages)
The Forth Most Important Thing To Understand:
What About All Of The Doctrinal Divisions?
They only matter when they change your conduct or lifestyle. Understanding how many angels can dance on the head of a pin does not matter. What does matter is understanding how to live the lifestyle that Yahowah and Yahoshua want you to live.
We all want to hear this at our Judgment:

"Well done, you good and faithful servant . . . enter you into the joy of your Lord"
What About Doctrines?
(Web Page)
The Fifth Most Important Thing To Understand:
The Worship of The Beast of Revelation 13 is "All Around You" !

The Beast is not just a man. The Beast has Seven Heads! The Beast is the pervasive worldwide system of the "Seven Schools of Thought" of The Great Dragon, the Adversary of YHWH and those who follow Him.

The names, titles, and symbols we see around us are meant to tell us something. We see symbols on church buildings, and we sing songs using special names and titles. If you do not know what a name, title, or a symbol really means, then you cannot be forewarned. By having an understanding of the names, titles, and symbols used to signal the worship of The Great Dragon, his Priesthood, and his agents, you can be forewarned that something around you is just not right.

Ultimately you must understand what "The Lie" is.

Preview The Book
The Beast With Seven Heads
and You

(PDF read from this Website)

The Revelation 13 Beast Identified From
the Historical Evidence

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Please Use an Interlinear Hebrew/Greek Bible and Lexicons
For the important scriptures, examine the grammar and look up the original words in a Lexicon.
Do this, and you will be stunned how many times the English Bibles disregard the grammar. By disregarding the grammar they change the meaning of the words, and by doing this they change the meaning of the sentences.

What Do You Need To Study the Bible From the Original Texts?

• Hebrew and Greek Interlinear Bible (buy a book):
• Online Hebrew and Greek Interlinears:
Hebrew/Greek Septuagint/Hebrew/Greek Hebrew/Greek 2nd

• Online Searching with Grammar and Lexicon Helps:
Search for All Occurrences Lexicon and Concordance Greek Grammar Explanations

When reading the Interlinear's English, when a word seems to be important, then look it up in the Lexicon and Grammar helps. You are not a Hebrew or Greek expert, so let the Lexicons and Grammar helps be the experts for you. Do this, and you will see for yourself how often the English translators disregard the original Text to promote their own doctrines. You will be aghast at the number of times they blatantly insert additional words, completely ignore the grammar, and choose their own wording just to slant the reader's understanding. However, your own understanding of the original Scriptures will be greatly enhanced!
See a Typical Example of Biased Translating


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