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Standing Up for the Gospel of the Christ
as it is Proclaimed in the Greek Text !
Supporting the Independent Communities of Yahowah and Yahoshua

Yahowah and Yahoshua Know Their Own

Two Tassels Ministry

"Two Tassels Ministry"
One Tassel to remember the Torah Covenant
and One Tassel to remember the Refreshed Covenant
We are to grow into a loving and gracious life-style consistent with both Covenants

Credentials Summary of Elder Wayne L. Atchison

        Living By Both Covenants

"Elder Atchison (Pastor, Teacher, Author, B.Sci.)"
Yahowah and Yahoshua
Know Who Is In Their Spiritual Body of
Called Out Ones

Yahowah IS 1: "One God" Means the Creator YHWH is a Singular Being, One Person having One Intellect, The only Elohim of Israel, The Father, who resurrected 'the Yahoshua', the promised Messiah.
Elder Wayne L. Atchison
Elder Wayne L. Atchison is a retired senior software engineer living in Polson Montana. He has been an ordained Elder since 1990, and a Pastor since 1996. He is the father of three sons, and has eight grandchildren. He is currently continuing his deep Biblical Historical Research, authoring books, articles, and presentations.
Sabbath Keeper since 1971.
Ordained Elder, 1990.
Ordained Pastor, 1996.

Author of three Historical Research Books.
Writer of numerous Doctrinal and Research papers.
Writer of the Beliefs Booklets and Procedures Manuals for several Church groups.
Lecturer and Seminars Keynote Speaker.

Expert on Calendar Issues, referenced as an authoritative source by other books.
Expert on Doctrinal and Critical Theological Issues.

Treasurer, of Governing Boards and 501(c)(3) Board of Directors.
Coordinator of 23 Conventions.
Dispute Resolutions Facilitator.

Bachelor of Science, 1973 Chico University.
  Twice tested to be a Genius, within the top 2% of the country.


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