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Standing Up for the Gospel of the Christ
as it is Proclaimed in the Greek Text !
Supporting the Independent Communities of Yahowah and Yahoshua

Yahowah and Yahoshua Know Their Own


The Resurrected and Exalted Only Begotten Son of YHWH, Yahoshua

Living By Both Covenants

Papers On "Yahoshua", Page 1:
The Promised Messiah": Means that YHWH promised Abraham that a man of his own seed (DNA)
would be YHWH's Anointed-One.
Yahowah IS 1: "One God" Means the Creator YHWH is a Singular Being, One Person having One Intellect, The only Elohim of Israel, The Father, who resurrected 'the Yahoshua', the promised Messiah.
 Yahoshua Was Born As The Parthian King Of The Jews:
Significant historical evidence demonstrating that the Messiah was a highly educated Rabbi, an esteemed Priest of the order of Melchizedek, having very high social status. The more you understand their "Honor/Shame Culture", the more you understand how the Greek Text is telling you that Yahoshua was a very high ranking leader and teacher. Yahoshua, The Parthian King
(PDF, 17 pages)
 The Chronology of Herod:
Using the Historical Records, a fully coordinated chart showing the significant events of both Herod and The Messiah, from BC 64 to AD 70.
Herod's time of death is known, because the historical records giving the data points indeed do align.

The Chronology of Herod demonstrates the events around Yahoshua's Ministry, and fixes the date for the destruction of the Temple to be in AD 70.
Chronology of Herod
(Web Page Chart)
 Analysis of The Years Around the Crucifixion:
Studying the new crescent moon data for the years AD 25 through AD 34. Analysis of the Observed Lunar Calendar Years Around AD 30
(PDF, 8 pages)
 Analysis of Using the English Name "Jesus":
Some assert that we should not use the English name "Jesus" to refer to the Messiah. It is asserted that the name "Jesus" is the name of a false god, and therefore should not be used. However this assertion is not correct.

Because of the scholarship preserved in the "Origenis Hexaplorum", original work was circa AD 146, we have an ancient Hebrew to Greek Alphabet Table. This Alphabet Table shows how to convert the Hebrew name "Joshua" into the Greek name "Ieesous", which is "Jesus" in modern English. The modern name "Jesus" is derived from the Greek name "Ieesous", which is the valid transliteration of the Hebrew name "Joshua", and was so translated this way throughout the Greek Septuagint, circa BC 280.

Further, an analysis of the use of names and symbols demonstrates that avoiding names is not always correct. There are times when using the name "Jesus" is "appropriate", and there are times when other names should be used instead.
Which Name To Use?
(PDF, 6 pages)
 Read at Passover, a Story Glorifying Yahoshua:
Yahoshua, the Lamb of Yahowah, is the focus of the New Covenant Passover. Reading this story will make the meaning of the Passover Intensely "Sink-In". A Passover Story
(PDF, 4 pages)


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Please Use an Interlinear Hebrew/Greek Bible and Lexicons
For the important scriptures, examine the grammar and look up the original words in a Lexicon.
Do this, and you will be stunned how many times the English Bibles disregard the grammar. By disregarding the grammar they change the meaning of the words, and by doing this they change the meaning of the sentences.

What Do You Need To Study the Bible From the Original Texts?

• Hebrew and Greek Interlinear Bible (buy a book):
• Online Hebrew and Greek Interlinears:
Hebrew/Greek Septuagint/Hebrew/Greek Hebrew/Greek 2nd

• Online Searching with Grammar and Lexicon Helps:
Search for All Occurrences Lexicon and Concordance Greek Grammar Explanations

When reading the Interlinear's English, when a word seems to be important, then look it up in the Lexicon and Grammar helps. You are not a Hebrew or Greek expert, so let the Lexicons and Grammar helps be the experts for you. Do this, and you will see for yourself how often the English translators disregard the original Text to promote their own doctrines. You will be aghast at the number of times they blatantly insert additional words, completely ignore the grammar, and choose their own wording just to slant the reader's understanding. However, your own understanding of the original Scriptures will be greatly enhanced!
See a Typical Example of Biased Translating


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