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[ 'YHWH' Hebrew to English, 'Yahowah' in Aramaic ]

[ Yahoshua (in Aramaic, Greek 'Ieesous', English 'Jesus') ]

[ (the German dialects have no "W" sound, so YHWH is rendered 'YH V H' in German) ]

Living a Loving and Gracious Life-Style In Both Covenants
Standing Up for the Gospel of the Christ as it is Proclaimed in the Greek Text !

Empowering His Communities
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Two Tassels Ministry

Living By Both Covenants
Empowering His Communities
Living a Loving and Gracious Life-Style in Both Covenants

WE OBSERVE: that the Body of the Messiah is extremely fragmented into hundreds of groups. There are "Churches of God", "Messianic Groups", "Congregations of YHWH", and many others.

Is it really differing Doctrines which fragment the Body of the Messiah?

Are you thinking about Why Splits Happen So Often?
Are you thinking about Why Your Own Group Has Such Problems?
Are you thinking about Why the Groups Do Not Cooperate?
Are you thinking about These Things?
Is there anyone thinking about forming End Time Communities?

If "YES", then you absolutely need to read this paper.
Two Tassels Ministry is committed to helping the End Time Communities of YandY.

Read this paper to understand the mindset behind Communities!

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