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Living a Loving and Gracious Life-Style In Both Covenants
Standing Up for the Gospel of the Christ as it is Proclaimed in the Greek Text !

Empowering His Communities
Yaho-wah and Yaho-shua (YandY) Know Their Own . . .
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The 'Yahowah IS 1' Community
Living a Loving and Gracious Life-Style In Both Covenants

   Living By Both Covenants

Introduction to The 'Yahowah IS 1' (YHWH IS 1) Community:
Yaho-wah and Yaho-shua
Know Who Their Saints Are,
Those In Their Spiritual Body of
Called Out Ones
Empowering His Communities:
Revelation 18:4; "My people come out of her [ Babylon the Great ] that you may not share in her sins and that you not receive of her plagues".

Yahowah is asking His people "To Come Out of Babylon the Great"!

In order to "Come Out" you must first know this:
  • •   How to recognize "Babylon the Great" in the first place.
    Watch out! The Revelation 13 Beast has Seven Heads!

  • •   Where you are in relationship to "Babylon the Great" right now.
    Think again, you could be within one of its many traps!

  • •   How to gather yourselves as a Community, with families and children, and start getting out of her, right now.
    But how do you do that, really?

Revelation 18:4 tells us that it is up to us to get out of Babylon.
The Worship of The Beast of Revelation 13 is "All Around You", AND, you were born into it !

The Ramifications of this are much worse than you think!

We must start somewhere, trying to get out, before we are caught up in her sins and her plagues.

This Website is a "starting point" for the Saints to use to quickly begin their own Communities, right now.
The 'Yahowah IS 1' Community is all about helping the Saints in this End Time, wherever they are.

The 'Yahowah IS 1' Community understands that the doctrinal details are "an information exchange", and "an educational process". It takes time and effort to be educated. Most people will not know enough to agree on everything. This means the Saints must be willing to be gracious, and work together anyway.

You do not participate in the 'Yahowah IS 1' Community because you understand things, and everyone in the Community agrees with you. You participate in the 'Yahowah IS 1' Community because you love the only 'Elohim/God' of Israel, and the resurrected and exalted Messiah, and you love the Brethren, and,
because you want to do things with them!


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The 'Yahowah IS 1' Communities, Banding Together
Banded together we will make a much bigger difference. You can make a difference, but to do so you have to do something.