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Collection and Use of Information

The Two Tassels Ministry (TTM) keeps track of and retains, in an electronic archive, your website membership information, however, only for the purpose of website continuity and interacting with you during conversations.
All information in the electronic archive is used only for internal purposes, and for helping to quickly respond to inquiries and requests.

Disclosure of Personal Information

There are no exceptions: we will never sell, rent, disclose, or distribute in any media or conversation, your membership information to any third parties. Your membership data and electronic archive is never provided to any other external entity, for any purpose, at any time.


The Two Tassels Ministry takes information security very seriously, and uses advanced administrative, technical, and managerial measures to protect your membership information from unauthorized access. We always employ encryption techniques to store sensitive information that could be useful to unauthorized people. By using this website, or providing personal information through other means, you implicitly agree that we can communicate with you electronically regarding security, privacy, and administrative issues relating to your use of this website.

Changes to This Policy

Over time we may make very minimal changes to this privacy policy, but any future changes will never result in providing you with less protection.


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